Testimonial Reverend Fredric Muir


I have known Terri Werner for over twenty years. In this time I have watched her plan, facilitate, lead and interact in numerous settings – from the more casual committee meeting that didn’t require her to do much more than easy facilitation and participation, to more highly structured settings where her professional skills were clearly on display.  Especially in contexts where she was expected to lead, Terri brought focused, caring, professional skills.  Several things were consistent in these settings:

Terri was always well-prepared with stories, resources and an ability to sense the direction from the group.  There was never a time when she was at a loss for what needed to come next or when she needed to stay with a topic.  She has an ability to know where she is going yet be open to where the group wants to go. This speaks well of her own grounding and the trust she has in her skills while still respecting the needs and will of those she’s working with.

Related to this is Terri’s ability to track energy and commitment in a group – those things that are vital to leadership and facilitation.  I have watched as she would take silent assessment of the dynamics or often listen as she asked members to check-in. I never experienced her losing a group or her group losing confidence in her.

It’s a sign of bold leadership and skill when one realizes the need to change direction - to “pivot”- maybe even rethink a design.  Yet I have watched Terri do this several times as new information surfaced.  I was awed when she could pivot while keeping the group engaged and moving forward.

Terri brought her gifts to a weekend Board/Staff retreat, and to several meetings before and after.  This contributed to our Board of Trustees and the Staff functioning as a strong team, having a shared vision, and a clear outline to then create plans to achieve important goals.  She has provided strong leadership and facilitation for a team conducting an in-depth and self-revealing program at a men’s state prison, for an annual weekend retreat at an environmental center for 100 people ranging in ages from infants to 75 years old, and numerous other adult and inter-generational events.  She has always remained committed with on-going follow through.  It has always been a pleasure to work with Terri.

Rev. Fredric Muir
Senior Minister  (Retired)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis



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